The Bistro uses seasonal menus from breakfast to Brunch with some easy lunch snack, up to the aperitif and sometimes even dinner. The Tasting Area offers articles from the surrounding area: Lake Garda and moves to the borders of the provinces that compose it, Brescia, Verona, Mantua and Trento, it is not uncommon to find other delicacies from other Italian provinces. Combined according to a variable scheme depending on the seasonality and availability of the kitchen you can taste them combined or as you wish according to your hunger and the desire that you will show at that moment. Always fresh with daily purchases to ensure high quality standards, then processed by professionals with the aim of ensuring digestibility and goodness for all our guests.


Red, Rosé and White wines selected in the territory, are chosen for their territorial uniqueness of prestige and adapt to our catering.

Olive Oil

Producer of high quality extra virgin olive oil on the Brescian shore of Lake Garda In the heart of Valtenesi, territory of Lake Garda characterized by a gentle course of land, the climate mitigated by the surrounding moraine hills, A strong agricultural connotation persists, based on citrus fruits, vines and olive trees.